Now See Pokemon Go Count My Steps on a Treadmill

July 19, 2023

Pokemon GO is a game best played outside, but will the app actually count steps on a treadmill? As it turns out, yes – but only under certain circumstances.

If you’re a homebody or someone that prefers walking at the gym on a treadmill to being out and about, you’re not alone.

However, it’s clear that Pokemon GO developer Niantic is keen to get players outside and enjoying some fresh air – after all, its whole game is modeled around the idea!

Thankfully for treadmill fans, there is one way to get those extra steps to help hatch some eggs.

Does Pokemon GO Count Steps on a Treadmill?

Yes, Pokemon GO will count your steps when on a treadmill using Adventure Sync, allowing you to hatch eggs when walking in place – but only when the app is closed.

When actively playing the game, Pokemon GO will not count treadmill steps as moving. This is because the app relies on your GPS position to determine how far you’re traveling.

But when Pokemon GO is closed, its Adventure Sync feature will allow either Apple Health or Google Fit to track your steps instead. Since these apps work off movement, instead of position, you can use them to rack up the steps even when stationary!

These steps will then transfer to Pokemon GO and convert into distance traveled when you open the app again.

Bear in mind that since you need the app to be closed, you cannot walk on a treadmill while playing the game to cause new Pokemon to spawn. This method will only work to help you hatch eggs or earn Buddy Candy.

Make sure your Pokemon GO app is fully closed by following these steps:


  • Tap the 3 line icon in the bottom left of the screen
  • Find your Pokemon GO app window and drag it up, or hit Close All.


  • Pull up from the bottom of the screen
  • Find your Pokemon GO app window and drag it up
  • Occasionally when opening the app, Pokemon GO will take some time before it syncs up your new steps correctly. Don’t be worried if it doesn’t count in-game right away.

How to Turn On Pokemon GO Adventure Sync

To turn on Pokemon GO Adventure Sync on iOS or Android devices, follow these steps:

  • Open Pokemon GO
  • Press the Poke Ball button to open the menu
  • Tap Settings
  • Press General
  • Now Tap Adventure Sync to toggle it on

You’ll be prompted to grant permission for Pokemon GO to access Apple Health or Google Fit, depending on your device of choice.

Your Pokemon GO app will now use your phone’s in-built fitness app to track your movement when the game is closed.

Note: Adventure Sync is only available for Trainer Levels 5 and above.