Guide About That Call of Duty Be an Xbox Exclusive

July 19, 2023

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard potentially nearing completion, fans are understandably wondering if COD will become an Xbox exclusive.

If Microsoft successfully purchases Activision Blizzard, it will own its various IPs (intellectual properties), including COD, World of Warcraft, Candy Crush, Overwatch, and more.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean these games will become exclusive to the Xbox, as they are currently multiplatform.

Below we’ve outlined everything you need to know about COD’s exclusivity on Xbox and whether or not it will appear on other consoles in the future.

Is COD Going to Be An Xbox Exclusive?

No, Call of Duty will not be exclusive to Xbox consoles at any point. Phil Spencer has confirmed that Microsoft and PlayStation have signed a binding agreement to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation.

Phil Spencer, the CEO of Xbox Gaming, has repeatedly made reassurances that if Microsoft successfully acquires Activision Blizzard, COD will continue to ship to PlayStation consoles.

Now, that agreement is lawfully binding, as Spencer attests that COD will remain on PlayStation following the acquisition.

What’s more, Microsoft has also signed a contract to bring Xbox games, including Call of Duty if they acquire Activision Blizzard, to the Nintendo Switch for the next 10 years.

Additionally, according to a report from Bloomberg, four people with knowledge of the acquisition claimed that Activision Blizzard was already contractually obliged to release three Call of Duty games on PlayStation prior to Microsoft’s acquisition announcement.

These games included 2022’s Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and the next COD game from Treyarch, now slated to release in 2024.

Earlier, in an interview on the Verge’s Decoder podcast, Phil Spencer said, “We are committed to continuing to ship Call of Duty on PlayStation.”

In multiple interviews, Phil Spencer has also reiterated that they have every intention to release COD on PlayStation natively (without the need to stream it from Game Pass). He had this to say in the Decoder interview:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is doing great on PlayStation and on Xbox — so will the next game, and the next, and the next. Native on the platform, not having to subscribe to Game Pass. Sony does not have to take Game Pass on their platform to make that happen.

It’s also worth noting that Phil Spencer has confirmed that if they successfully acquire Activision Blizzard, console-exclusive DLC will no longer exist for the Call of Duty franchise.

In an interview with Xbox On, he stated that they wanted the same version of COD to be available on every platform, giving players the same experience regardless of how they play it.